Advertising and NGF

Advertising and the importance of NGF.

This problem has just shattered some new lights onto us while we were in our Fuck Lab the other day; fully equipped with our lab P.P.E. and while we were contemplating how to, in the safest way, defuse and isolate *F code from human DNA and replace it with *NGF code from cats DNA.

Your Most Trusted Research Lab

We all were very focused, practically, staring at a few cats without blinking, trying to figure it out where the fuck is exactly NGF code stored when, all of a sudden, one cat began to talk about KFC and some new fucking value meal that you can get for just a 1.99$!

They are haunting us from every corner

Sounds insane?! There is no doubt about that, but what surprised us is that the evil empire of the advertising axis has ransacked and used the NGF Masters themselves against us and that they are able to do it because cats do not actually give a fuck about it.

The time is getting very late and it is of utmost importance to understand that advertising and temptation that is initiated by simply seeing even random, totally unrelated, and most of the time silly messages that are present to us on a daily basis, slowly turning us to the delusional direction and threaten to become a mental illness. An important thing to ponder about is a fact that just because a vast majority of the people believe in the certain delusion that does not make delusion less of mental illness.

Various advertising companies make all sorts of stupid, fucking claims based not on evidence and facts, but on eager thoughts, it makes the absurd and arbitrary, dangerously sublime, demands to the consumers and, worst of all, in yet again sublime manner, threatens to ridicule those who are even slightly sceptical of product and those who are reluctant of buying and constantly consuming all the shit served.

Advertising has become a very transparent racket designed to control, manipulate and exploit people. This should be apparent, pretty much obvious, to anyone who is capable of critical thinking, but unfortunately, since there are pure evil tendencies and agendas involved in the whole process it is hard, even for us highly competent in the field of NGF, to completely resist it and not to give a fuck about the constant shitty bombardment from all directions we have been exposed to.

Bearing in mind the above and knowing the tendency of human beings to be gullible, uncritical, stupid fuckers, it seems that the standards of scrupulousness applied to the advertising business, strangely enough, or not, are even lower than those applied to other aspects of our lives. This is very discouraging because if we look at our whole society and all the stupid shit people believe in for centuries and all the stupid shit they believe in without thinking if there is any reasonable, factual basis for things that are presented to them as truth, we can see, clearly, that we have been guided into right direction by stupidity and our present Master finding direction not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken!

This is very dangerous and if not acted upon in a timely manner will soon turn us, consumers, into being a product that is been consumed!

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get to the Root of Evil!

We, as a scientist, critical thinkers, and as very competent in the field of not giving a fuck, have concluded that the perfect amount of cats breed needed for extracting a perfect NGF code, which would be completely compatible with human DNA, are 666 breeds.

With existing 66 breeds, creating another 600 will be a tough job, but with dedication, willingness, hopes and dreams of purrrrrrfect World we are going to do it! We are going to create a World were no fucks would be ever given and the only thing that we still need is just 17.5 million euros, which is, we would all agree, absolutely nothing compared to the peace that a World without fucks left to be given is going to offer us!

*F Fuck code
*NGF Not Giving Fuck code